Day One: Living the Dream

Today, I begin my dream job as the CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise – taking the reins from my good friend and mentor, Meg Whitman. While she’s leaving me with some big shoes to fill, I am absolutely convinced that with our collective focus, dedication and drive at HPE we’ll make this a landmark year.

It’s not the first time a dream has come true for me in my 20+ years at HP and HPE. This also happens to be the place where I met my dream girl – my wife, Caroline, in 1995. After having begun my engineering career in  Argentina, I was working as a customer service engineer for HPE at our EMEA call center in Amsterdam, where Caroline also worked.

In the years that followed, we have shared, along with our two children, countless adventures all over the country from Boise to Houston to Palo Alto.

As my new journey begins, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on where we are headed, how we will get there, and how the dreams of our customers, partners, and employees can be realized. My commitment for the upcoming period is to focus mainly on three areas: culture, innovation and our customers and partners. While we already do a good job in these areas, I want to bring an even stronger focus to help us push our company forward.

Innovators at heart.

Technology continues to advance at a lightning-like speed, and today HPE is better positioned than ever to take advantage of the market opportunities that exist now and that will soon emerge. But, innovation applies to more than the products and services we provide. Each of us should have an innovative mindset and should dare to dream big. That’s why I am committed to making HPE a safe place to take risks, adapt fast, and push the boundaries of what is possible—whether that is product innovation, business process innovation, or even a new approach to running efficient meetings. Over the coming months, you will see me sharing innovation stories and highlighting the brilliant people behind them.

Customers first, customers last.

I have borrowed this phrase from our friends at Aruba because ever since I first heard it it’s come back to me over and over again. I truly believe that HPE will win because we keep our customers and partners at our core. We know that to succeed, enterprises of the future will require intelligent and autonomous IT systems that seamlessly connect their data from edge to core to cloud. At HPE, we will be focused on powering them by building the world’s best infrastructure solutions – intelligent, state-of-the-art technologies and services that provide them with the tools to harvest, analyze and store critical data from across their business. By quickly turning data into insights, enterprises will drive new business models, create new customer and workplace experiences, and increase operational efficiency.

Going further, faster. Together.

As HPE’s president and, now, CEO, I fervently believe that the right people presented with the right opportunities can thrive, personally and professionally.

Our employees are the ones who enable us to go to market with more of the state-of-the-art innovations on which our stellar reputation has been built so they must always feel empowered to take risks, to seek novel and original ways to solve problems or capitalize on opportunities. All our employees must be strivers, not simply survivors. To go further, faster. To accelerate what’s next for our customers and partners. And to achieve their dreams. Just as I am doing.

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